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Lawn Treatments


We are New York State Certified in applying pesticides.  We can help you with anything from lawn disease to pest prevention, and from bugs to weeds!

  • Fertilizing

  • Planting or seeding

  • Weed killer

  • Pest Treatments

A pest is defined as anything that is an irritant to you and your property.  These can be anything from dandelions to mosquitos, ticks and grubs.  Grubs not only cause damage themselves but other wildlife will dig up your lawn searching for them to eat!  We all know how annoying mosquitoes can be when you are trying to enjoy your propery, and ticks are known to carry lyme disease! 


  • Mulching 

  • Clean-up and hauling

  • Edging walk/driveways

  • Trimming of shrubs and hedges and removal of debris

Is there a lawn care or landscaping service you are interested in that is not listed? Give us a call to inquire about it!

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